Extra large outer bag / filler bag fitness sandbags combo

  • Extra large ballistic nylon outer bag with 1000D filler bag combo
  • Sand not included, just add yours
  • For extra tough and commercial use
  • Extra large outer bag measures 26" x 40"   ( 66 x 101 cm ) unfilled
  • Extra large size filler bag measures 26" x 38" ( 66 x 97 cm ) when unfilled
  • Holds up to 160 pounds of sand ( 73 kg )
  • Filling instructions are HERE
  • More extra large filler bags and info is HERE
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For your low-rep strength training, this is the bag.  Super-tough ballistic nylon outer bag with a matching 1000D filler bag to hold up to 160 pounds ( 73 kg ) of sand.  Our filler bags hold all the sand in one for a reason.  Using one filler bag allows the sand to shift as a whole with the outer bag.  You can get an extra filler bag and use it to put half the load in each, giving an 80-pound and a 160-pound load.  Or, you can get 2 extra filler bags, and put about 50 pounds in each of 3 bags, for even more adjustability. Either way, the sand will shift all the way up and down, and across the bag, in sync with the outer bag. This gives you the proper sandbag training shifting sand effect.  This combo will last you a lifetime.  Thank you for choosing your Workout Sandbags!

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