Workout Sandbags small outer and filler bag combo

  • Small outer and filler bags all in one combo
  • All you do is add your sand
  • For heavy duty and commercial use
  • Filling instructions are HERE
  • See THIS PAGE for more small filler bags
  • See our REVIEWS PAGE for customer reviews
  • See our TRAINING page for exercises and workouts
  • Outer bag measures  17" x 34" ( 44 x 87 cm )  unfilled
  • Filler bag measures 17" X 32" ( 43 X 82 cm ) unfilled
  • Holds up to 40 pounds of sand ( 18 kg )
  • Free USA shipping + discount = you save $20


Small ballistic nylon outer bag with a 1000D filler bag.  We designed both our outer bags and our filler bags after using the so-called "duffel-bag" style bag.  Ours are better because they give you a better feel of the shifting sand.  This is done by allowing the filler bag to hold all the sand the entire length and width of the outer bag.  This lets the sand shift as a whole with the outer bag.  Small Workout Sandbags are used to do the toughest 3-dimensional moves, and even simple ones such as pushups, pullups, situps, and more.   They are great for gals to do anything, or guys to do the really hard moves with. Thank you for choosing Workout Sandbags! You will be glad you did.

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