• New! All-in-one Workout Sandbags "Snake" bags
  • You don't need no stinkin' handles or filler bags
  • Small size holds up to 60 pounds ( 27 kg) of sand
  • Sand is added directly into the bag
  • Sand not included
  • Grabbing the sides or ends of the bag also grabs a handful of sand
  • Long shape is great for draping over shoulders for pullups, pushups, more
  • Measures 13" x 40" ( 32 x 110 cm ) unfilled, laid flat
  • Made in USA of durable ballistic nylon with 4" wide hook/loop closure
  • Filling instructions are on the bottom half of our FILLING page


After a year of design and testing, here is our latest product.  It holds the sand directly into it for both a great affordable sandbag and a simply great workout tool.  The small size will work anybody:  Guys can really push it by draping it over either both shoulders or one shoulder and doing stair climbs, pullups, pushups, and more.  Gals can use it to do many sandbag moves.

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Small Snake Bag Review

The Small Snake bag has added a new dimension to my workouts. I love to throw this bag (easier said than done) over my shoulder and do step work on a crossfit box or suspension training. Filled with 50 lbs, of sand, there is a great amount of shifting, making it very challenging to pick up and manage, but that's the whole point. VERY easy to fill with tube sand from Home Depot. Quality and customer service are first rate. I have used the small and medium outerbags for a few years, many intense workouts, and they are still like new. The Snake Bag appears to be the same high level of quality. Enjoying this so much, I am planning to buy he medium Snake Bag soon.