Small outer bags

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  • Small size holds up to 50 pounds (22 kg) of sand
  • Can be filled with 30-50# sand, half that with rubber mulch
  • Inner bags included to hold sand (3 mil thick contractor bags)
  • Measures 18" x 34" (46 x 87 cm) when empty, laid flat
  • Made of extra-tough ballistic nylon
  • HERE are instructions for filling your bag
  • HERE are the optional filler bags for this size
  • HERE is a great page of sandbag exercises and workouts
  • HERE are the reviews of our many customers
  • Stitching guaranteed for 2 years
  • Built-in handles for a better sandbag training experience
  • Made in USA since 2011
  • Optional material is PVC for easy cleaning 
  • Read more about this material HERE and see the video on that page

fitness sandbags held

 Small sandbags have the greatest versatility in how many moves you can do with them. Also, you can do much more difficult and effective moves with a small training sandbags. Big guys can do lots of moves with this bag, such as pushups with the bag on your back, pushups with the bag held between your knees, and situps with the bag held under your chin.  Gals can do all of the moves that guys can do with medium or larger bags. A very versatile size sandbag

Below is a screenshot of one of our emailed reviews:
workout sandbags review