workout sandbags bag

  • Sand adjustable  from 20-40 pounds ( 8-16 kg ), best at 40# ( 15 kg)
  • Inner bags included to hold the sand ( two  45 gallon 3 mil contractor bags )
  • You supply sand
  • Measures 17" x 34" ( 44 x 87 cm ) when laid flat and not filled
  • HERE are the instructions for filling your bag
  • Filler bag not included
  • HERE are optional filler bags for this size outer bag
  • We recommend our filler bags for commercial use
  • HERE is a great page of sandbag training exercises and workouts
  • HERE are our 5 years' worth of customer reviews
  • You have 1 month to return bag if not satisfied
  • Stitching on the bags is guaranteed for 2 years
  • Built-in handles give a better feel of the shifting sand
  • Made in USA from tough ballistic nylon
  • Order 2 or more, get free USA shipping
  • fitness sandbags small bag back

 Small ballistic nylon workout sandbags

Small sandbags have the greatest versatility in how many moves you can do with them. Also, you can do much more difficult and effective moves with a small training sandbags. Big guys can do lots of moves with this bag, such as pushups with the bag on your back, pushups with the bag held between your knees, and situps with the bag held under your chin.  Gals can do all of the moves that guys can do with medium or larger bags. A very versatile size sandbag.

workout sandbags small hook

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Excellent Sandbags!

Mike Hicks on 7th Jun 2018

We ordered a dozen sandbags for our annual CrossFit competition, The Meshugge CrossFit Summer Melee and put our athletes through a grueling WOD including sandbag walking lunges and sandbag throws over the shoulder. These sandbags took a lot of punishment from the athletes and held up extremely well. No leaks at all. We're very impressed with the craftsmanship! Thanks, Dale!!!