Small outer bag double filler bag combo

Current Stock:

  • Small outer bag with 2 matching filler bags
  • Filler bags designed to fill entire outer bag
  • You can either half fill both bags, or half and full
  • Outer bag and each filler bag holds up to 50 pounds (22 kg) sand
  • Outer bag made of indestructible ballistic nylon
  • Filler bags also made of ballistic nylon
  • Outer and filler bags measure 18" x 34" (46 x 87 cm)
  • For commercial use, allows weight adjustment
  • HERE is how to fill them
  • HERE is a page of exercises and workouts
  • HERE are what our customers say about our bags
  • HERE is why and how to use double filler bags
  • Stitching guaranteed 2 years, but they last decades
  • Outer bag has built-in handles for better feel of the sand
  • Made in USA since 2011
  • Free USA shipping

training sandbags handles

We can also make you outer bags of durable PVC.  This material is easy to wipe clean for sanitary purposes.  See more about them HERE.