Small outer bag double filler bag combo

Current Stock:

  • Small outer bag with 2 matching filler bags
  • Filler bags designed to fill entire outer bag
  • You can either half fill both bags, or half and full
  • Outer bag and each filler bag holds up to 50 pounds (22 kg) sand
  • Outer bag made of indestructible 1050D ballistic nylon
  • Filler bags also made of 1050D ballistic nylon
  • Outer and filler bags measure 18" x 34" (46 x 87 cm)
  • For commercial use, allows weight adjustment
  • HERE is how to fill them
  • HERE is a page of exercises and workouts
  • HERE are what our customers say about our bags
  • HERE is why and how to use double filler bags
  • Stitching guaranteed 2 years, but they last decades
  • Outer bag has built-in handles for better feel of the sand
  • Made in USA since 2011
  • Free USA shipping

 Here is a review from a return customer who is also a reference:

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