Here’s what our customers say about Workout Sandbags:


workout sandbags in box

"You did not exaggerate when you said they were more heavy duty and challenging than the duffel bag style."  Ellis, Utah 2019

"Love the bags!" David, Florida 2019 commenting about his bags bought several years ago

"Awesome products and service! Own 3 and will probably be buying another soon. Btw the owner is a great guy, who stands behind his products and then some!"  William, Kentucky 2019

"You make a wonderful sandbag.  I've re-discovered them over the past year." Chip, Ohio 2019  7-time return customer, 5X with his NFL team, 2X personally

"Just a home gym, but it's pretty extensive. I have a couple ultimate sandbags.  They're ok, but I was intrigued with your design.  Each have their purpose, but I like yours best. Your sandbag design is particularly well suited for compound movements. At any rate, you've got a great product and I enjoy using them immensely."  
Stephen, Virginia 2018

"So after a week with your sandbags I can honesty say that I love them though I took a bit of time of adjustment from the other sandbags. With the DVRT Sandbags the sand tends to settle in the individual bags so you don’t feel the sand shifting after a month of working with it while yours with the single filler makes you fight all that shifting sand. I was a bit use to all the outside handles of the DVRT and the rubber hose handles on yours collapse when grasped but after a day or two I realized how much more my grip was working. I think the other big name bags on the market are a hybrid for people looking for something in between an olympic bar and a true sandbag while yours give a true pure sandbag experience. Thank you for making a great product Dale."     Jim, California 2017

"This sandbag is great.  Congrats on such a great product.  We have used other sand bags that have sewn on handles which have worked ok. For our larger athletes that need grip strength work as well as sandbag work, nothing we have used comes close to your sandbag.  We will be buying more in the near future. This the best sandbag I have ever used.  I'm also impressed with the way you conduct business. I never expected to receive a follow up email. Most companies are done once they ship their product. Thanks for a great product, and great customer service."  Darren, Texas 2015

fitness sandbags in dojo"I love them!  I really like the idea of the empty space in the bag so the sand will shift. I wouldn't be surprised if these bags lasted me a while."   Jose, Guam  2017 

"Delighted with the bags; great construction and the handles feel very good, too. Thank you also for the Workout Sandbags hat which was a very nice & unexpected surprise! It has been a pleasure doing business with you. I’ll keep in touch and will certainly help to spread the word on your product range!"    Robin, Northern Ireland, UK 2018

"Love the bags by the way just brutal... I'm very happy  in the love hate relationship with these darn bags, the students love and hate them also...just angers them...especially the 150 snake."     John,   California   2017 

"I just received my medium sandbag. First off the customer service is amazing.  Dale is always ready to help out with any question you may have. The quality is evident from the moment you open the box. Thanks Dale. Fantastic product!!"    Aldo, California  2013

"I appreciated you taking the time to describe these bags before I made the purchase. I think they are great and so do our trainers. They are a good addition to our gym. I like that our members can heave them without doing damage to our floors. The small bag gets the most use by our clientele."   Bill, Arkansas 2017

"It's the best money I've spent on exercise equipment . Awesome product !"  William, Kentucky 2016fitness sandbags in gym

"I like them alot. I have sandbags by Rogue, Brute Force and some others. I like your built in handles and the ballistic nylon.  I own a martial arts school and have brought some down on weekends do do some brutal conditioning."   John, California  2016

"We LOVE them!!!  Thank you."     
Carrie, CrossFit, Ohio,  2018

"So far a great product . easy to set up and seem very durable. Will be great addition to wods."     Keith, Washington, 2016

"It's great so far! I was surprised I was able to fit to the recommend weight (guesstimate 140-160) with ease. Quality material and its been able to hold up to the beatings of garage and field workouts."   Joseph, Maryland  2016

"Received the bags, and impressed with the quality. We have already started working out with them and my friends have been asking where I got the bags. I ordered the small and medium bag. We are training for Spartan Beast run and these bags are great for the climb hill workout." Juan, California  2015exercise sandbags being thrown
 "I'm a repeat customer and just received my third one yesterday and love it. These things have got to be the best out there."  Bob, Arkansas 2014

"I really like the idea of the internal handles rather then straps and loops hanging off the bag."   Bert, Texas 2012

"Second sandbag I bought from them.... they're AWESOME!!"   Hank, New Mexico 2012 (This review was written to Ebay, not us)

"I like the bag a lot. Thanks for asking."   Ryan, Colorado 2015

"The sandbags arrived quickly and I like the way they feel.
Good design."   Alan, Oregon  2015

"They are awesome I really like the design."   Nikolas, Washington   2015

exercise sandbags held“Works very good. Better than conventional dumbbells in that it keeps the body guessing with unconventional motions.”   – Steve, Texas  2011

“About a month ago my roommate bought a medium workout sandbag from you and we have been using it almost everyday. I am very impressed with the quality of material and stitching on the bag. I am interested in purchasing the small sandbag from you to aid in our workouts with lighter weight……I commend you on an amazing, affordable product…. I can’t wait to have one of my own.” - Brendon, New Mexico  2011

“We absolutely love them. Thank you so much!!! I’m sure we will be needing some more as soon as the Conway office opens.”Mandy, Arkansas  2012

“Received it on Monday – all is in order – thanks for the quick shipping and emailed update.    I’m liking the design already.” - Donald, Louisiana  2011

 “I like the sand bags a lot. I haven’t even touched the tip of the iceberg of what exercises you can do with them”
- Buddy, California  2011

"They are a big hit at the gym, my clients hate them :-)  My boss and fellow trainers love the design."     Darin, Illinois 2015

” Excellent Product, Fast Shipping, Great Communication, Highly Recommended. A+++ “  - William, New York   2013

“Wife loves it! Thanks!” - Robert, Illinois  2013

“I like it a lot! Sturdy, Feels like a sandbag should feel. No other sandbag of its type like it.  You have a wonderful product. Chip, Ohio 2012-2018  ( 6 time return customer)

“I love the sandbag, Use it quite a bit for my personal training.”   -Scott, Crossfit, Arkansas  2012

fitness sandbags on stairsWe really like the sandbag…..”    Johnny, Crossfit, Tennessee  2012

“I really like the workout sandbag and my husband does too. He said he is going to get up and start a routine in the morning to get up and use it. He does a lot of heavy lifting of books at work and this will be a great way for him to loosen up those muscles in his upper body and help build muscle. He is constantly getting sore from working and this will really help condition him.”  Kim, Arkansas  2013

“I love the products we have from you.”  Trent, University of Wyoming  2013

 “Love them !”  Tex, California  2013

“It is awesome…thank u!” Albert, Texas  2012

“Solid product!!! ! Thank you! Very Happy! Great deal!!!”  Dalton, Oregon  2014

“It’s a great product…..The sandbags are working out great, Dale. Thanks!”   Aaron, Crossfit, Ohio  2013

“I think they’re great…”  Joe, Crossfit, New York  2013

 “Thank you very much Dale for your professionalism.”  Jonathan, Crossfit, Rhode Island fitness sandbags in box 2013   

"Great bag kicked my ass."     John, California  2013

"I like the integrated handles and using the trash bags for the sand fill."    John, Massachusetts   2014

"It has been great.  I didn't realize how tough a sandbag get up was.  Filling it up was easy."    Hill, Florida  2014

"I love the sandbag I just received. What a great design! I love it! I appreciate
your email updates and fast shipping."    Lisa, Florida  2014

"They are so great.  Worlds better than any others I've seen.  Looking forward to finding new and challenging ways to use them." Robert, CrossFit, South Carolina   2014

"I like the bag. Better than any bag I have ever handled."   J R, Michigan 2014

"Wow, I'm impressed. Even at the D1000 nylon, great quality."   Tim, Nebraska 2015

workout sandbags at crossfit“I LOVE THEM.  These are exactly what I was looking for and your customer service has been PHENOMENAL.  Here is my testimonial …. I have had personal experience destroying an “indestructible” bag from a “well-known” brand, and have had the homemade versions consistently fail, never having longevity.  Now as a coach of young men and a functional fitness trainer, I have the BEST SANDBAG AVAILABLE.  I spent HOURS on the web looking for sandbags and at their specs.  With dgkfit bags you get the HIGHEST QUALITY, EASIEST FILLING, TOUGHEST, and STYLISH EXERCISE SANDBAGS available.  I have been recommending these sandbags to EVERYONE in the gym I workout at to the physical therapy office which I train out of.  If you are serious about having the BEST QUALITY EQUIPMENT, YOU MUST HAVE DGKFIT WORKOUT SANDBAGS.”      Jesse, Massachusetts    2013

“These are the toughest, most intense workout sandbags made. I purchased them direct from the maker two years ago and let me tell you, these things are tough. I have done crossfit, worked with the Rogue fitness sandbags, and even seen variations of sandbags for working out overseas...."  (see the rest on the bottom of our home page)  Levi, USMC, California 2012

  “Only had them a few days but really like them. Will order more in future once I’m up on the exercise sandbags in gymlarge bags. Thanks Dale and looking forward to doing business in the future. Much easier to use than the ultimate sandbags.” Scott, Western Australia  2012

"I have used other sandbags with outer handles. Not much different than dumbells. The design of these bags is what real sandbag training is all about. Quality is excellent."  Tom, Wisconsin 2015

 "I like them a lot.  I use them during spring ball with the injured guys who train with me while the team practices.  They hate 'em, I love 'em. I love the fact that its not tight, its loose which is how a sand bag should be.  Thanks.  If anyone has a question about the bags send them my way." Kyle, Georgia 2014

“Great quality. The handles are ingenious. A lot of fun to use.”  - Sean, USAF 2012

"I dig it. The handle placement definitely makes it work the grip harder which I like. Very happy I picked one up! "     Josh, Florida 2011

 “They are great! Your design is much more effective. Patricia, Florida 2013

training sandbags at crossfit games“Wanted to let you know that I’ve filled the small workout sandbag and I used it this morning. It is amazing. Totally well constructed. Love the hand holds – easy enough to grab, and don’t hurt like straps, but will also develop hand / forearm strength. Easy to fill, stays closed when you want it to. No leakage! I was initially surprised at the simplicity of the filling bags but no problem so far.”  - Jennifer, Ontario, Canada  2012

“I love the sandbag, Use it quite a bit for my personal training.”   -Scott, Crossfit, Arkansas  2012

“I love it…the construction and design of the bag is wonderful.  I was very pleased with the thickness of the material, and filling it was pretty easy.  The way that it closes shut works wonderfully too…the bag is great.”   – Kevin, New Mexico  2011   (This review is from our first sale in August 2011)

These are the actual words of some of our customers.  Most of them are a direct reply to the emailed question, "How do you like your sandbags?". 

Photos on this page were sent from several customers, including CrossFit boxes, a dojo, high schools, and colleges.


We want you to be happy with your purchase.  If you are not, return it to us at your expense in a resalable condition within one month of date of purchase.  We will give a full refund upon receipt of your purchase, providing it is in proper salable condition. The stitching on the sandbags is guaranteed for 2 years from date of purchase.


Individual customers include members of:

 U S Army  |  U S Air Force  |  U S Marine Corps


 Thank you for your business!