• New snake bags hold sand directly inside
  • Just add your sand
  • For an even better feel of the shifting sand
  • Grab the side or end fabric, and grab a handful of sand
  • Long shape maximizes the instability of sandbag training
  • Medium size holds up to 120 pounds ( 55 kg ) of sand
  • Measures 18" x 42" ( 45 x 105 cm ) unfilled, laid flat
  • Made in USA from ballistic nylon, closed with 4" wide hook/loop
  • HERE are the instructions on how to fill them - see bottom half of page

After long and careful design and testing, here is our medium size "Snake" bag.  Designed to hold the sand directly, it will deliver maximum shifting sand effect for a very affordable price.  Can be filled looser for even more shifty effect.

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