Medium outer bags

Current Stock:

  • Medium size capacity up to 100 pounds (45 kg)
  • Get 3 mil thick contractor bags to hold sand at Ace
  • Measures 21" x 38" (54 x 98 cm) unfilled, laid flat
  • Made of durable 1050D ballistic nylon
  • Filling instructions are HERE
  • Medium size optional filler bags are HERE
  • Exercises and workouts are on THIS PAGE
  • Reviews of our many customers are HERE
  • Stitching guaranteed for 2 years
  • Internal handles give a better feel of the shifting sand
  • Made in USA
  • Some colors available on special order

 Our medium size bags are our most popular size, for good reason.  They can do so many moves. Both guys and gals can use them.  Higher rep moves can be done by guys  for power training, and lower rep moves can be done by gals to do strength training.  Smackdowns, chest presses, all of the squats, and lateral throws are some of the moves that can be done with medium Workout Sandbags.  Also, this size can be loosely filled to weigh less for many reasons.  

Here is a screenshot of a return customer's comments in the order instructions:
workout sandbags comments