Medium outer bag / filler bag exercise sandbags combo

  • Medium ballistic nylon outer bag with 1000D filler bag
  • For rough use or commercial applications
  • Add your sand to fill
  • HERE is how to fill them
  • HERE is more info on the medium filler bags, and where to get more
  • Our happy customers' reviews are on THIS PAGE
  • THIS PAGE has some good exercises and workouts
  • Medium outer bag measures 20" x 36" ( 51 x 91 cm )  unfilled
  • Medium filler bag measures 20" x 34" ( 52 x 86 cm )  unfilled
  • Maximum sand capacity is 80 pounds (36 kg )
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Medium ballistic nylon outer bag with one 1000D filler bag for a great variety of sandbag training exercises.  Fully filled, holds up to 80 pounds ( 36 kg ) of sand.  But, it can be under-filled to allow for an even greater variety of moves, or for female athletes.  And, you have the added option of purchasing another filler bag to cut the sand load in half.  That way, you can have a bag holding up to 40 pounds and 80 pounds, depending upon whether you use one or both filler bags.  Our bags were designed to deliver a better sandbag training experience.  They do this by allowing the entire sand load to shift as a whole with the outer bag.  Here's to your sandbag training success!  You will be happy with your Workout Sandbags!

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