Medium outer bag double filler bag combo

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  • Medium size outer with with 2 matching filler bags
  • Each bag can hold half or whole load of sand
  • Outer bag made of durable 1050D ballistic nylon
  • Filler bags also made of 1050D ballistic nylon
  • Holds up to 100 pounds (45 kg) when full
  • Allows for half or whole weight adjustment
  • You supply your sand or rubber mulch
  • Outer and filler bags measure 21" x 38" (54 x 97 cm) empty
  • For heavy duty use
  • How to fill them is on our FILLING page
  • See our TRAINING page for exercises and workouts
  • See our REVIEWS page for customer reviews
  • Read this BLOG article about why and how to use double fillers
  • 2 year workmanship guarantee
  • Free USA shipping

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