exercise sandbags xl front

  • Extra large size holds 80-160 pounds sand ( 32-64 kg ), best at 160# (60 kg)
  • Two 55 gallon 3 mil contractor bags ( inner bags ) included to hold sand leakproof
  • Sand not included - get at either hardware store or beach/desert
  • Size, laid flat and unfilled, is 26" x 40"   ( 66 x 101 cm )
  • Your instructions for filling the bag are HERE
  • Optional filler bags for extra large outer bags are HERE
  • We recommend using our filler bags for commercial applications
  • Exercises and workouts are HERE
  • 5 years of happy customer reviews are HERE
  • 1 month trial satisfaction period
  • 2 year guarantee on stitching
  • Ergonomic internal handles for better grip and feel of the shifting sand
  • Made in USA from thicker, tougher ballistic nylon
  • Free USA shipping for 2 or more
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  • workout sandbags xl back   

Our ballistic nylon extra large sandbags are great for gyms and sports teams to stand up to constant abuse.  They can even be used outdoors.  Ballistic nylon is about twice as thick and tough as 1000D fabric, for extra durability.  The extra large size is great for big guys to do deadlifts, farmer's walks, and many other moves that really build strength.  Many professional gyms and teams use these and are very happy with them.  So will you!

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Dreg navarro on 28th Feb 2017

Nice bags nice material and good service.