Workout Sandbags turns Six

Today, August 11, 2017 is the sixth birthday of Workout Sandbags.  Actually, we were born in 2010, but the sixth anniversary of our first sale was on this day in 2011.  He lives in Albuquerque and his review is still on our reviews page.  He found us by an ad we placed in his local Craigslist. And, his review is still on our reviews page In these six

workout sandbags on beach

years, we have learned plenty.  We now know that many of you ar looking for a different design for your training sandbags.  When we spent the whole year of 2010 designing our bags, we made sure not to copy the pre-existing design.  We call it the "duffel-bag" design, since it resembles a duffel bag with better external handles.

We actually used an early edition of the duffel-bag style bag for 3 years, from 2007-2010.  We gathered thoughts about how it handled, and how we wanted a bag to handle.  Then we designed and re-designed our bags.   And yes, they are different. For a reason.  Their flat, beanbag shape allows the sand to spread out and shift more.  It also puts more sand out on the ends of the bag instead of bunched up in its middle.  This increases the resistance for a given amount of sand.  And, makes it more unstable.  And that is the point of sandbag training..

This past year customers from Puerto Rico to Hawaii to even Guam have bought Workout Sandbags.  And, of course, all over the USA and Canada.  WE continue to supply one NFL team with sandbags, and look forward to adding other teams to our clientele.  Over this past year we have made adjustments and improvements to both our original outer bags and our new Snake and filler bags.  

We look forward to serving you for six more years!  To see our sandbags, visit our gear page