Workout Sandbags Summer Sale

all 4 workout sandbags

For a limited time this summer, we are offering a special on our remaining 1000D workout sandbags.  They are pictured to the right.

We have been selling these bags for 4 years now.  We have yet to have a customer tell us that this fabric tears.  This fabric comes in many colors.  Most of the bags we have now are either black, brown, navy camo, or army camo.

They have our old screenprint on them, DGKFIT.COM.

These workout sandbags come in four colors:   black, brown, navy camo, and army camo. Some of the colors for a specific size are either out or in limited quantity.  So please specify your color preference, but keep in mind it is a preference.

Here's exactly how to take advantage of this deal.  Go to the small 1000D workout sandbags product page linked here.

Choose for quantity the total number of sandbags you want.  This total number includes all sizes.  Choose any color.

 Then tell me which sizes and color preferences for each size you want in the COMMENTS section of the checkout page.  Also, remember that any purchase of 2 or more sandbags automatically gives you free shipping.  And as a further discount, it automatically gives you a 5% discount for 5-9 bags, a 10% discount for 10-19 bags, and a 15% discount for 20 or more bags.

The only thing "wrong" with these bags is that they have screenprinted on them our old website, DGKFIT.COM, which is now linked to this website.  These bags have been in CrossFit and other gyms, college and pro football teams, dojos, and individuals' homes for 4 years now without a complaint about their durability.

Take me up on this offer before it ends.

Happy summer to you!