Workout Sandbags is our new name

Sandfitusa changes its name to Workout Sandbags

Workout Sandbags owner's dog Jenni running

What's in a name?  Quite alot if it comes to being found by you when you are searching for workout sandbags.  For that reason, the name of our website has been changed to Workout Sandbags.  Jenni, pictured above as a pup, is excited.  By any other name she would be both as athletic and as loving as she is.  And by any name, we will do our best to bring you the best workout sandbags for the most reasonable price we can.  And, deliver them with the best customer service.  See our reviews.  Since re-inventing workout sandbags in 2010, we have sold them around the world and USA by different names.  Sometimes it has been easy to be found by you, sometimes difficult.  Changing our name allows us to be found easier on search engines without paying for expensive search engine optimization services.  And those expenses must be paid for by you, the customer.  So we are doing our best to deliver you the best workout sandbags made in USA for a reasonable price.  Thank you for your business.  Dale  Kirksey and Jenni  Here are our
workout sandbags