Which size Workout Sandbags?

In case you are wondering which size to get, here goes the answer. If you are a big guy, then by all means get all 4 sizes, or at least a small, medium, and large.


If you are a gal or a young guy, either get a small only or a small and a medium. Here's why. The smaller the sandbag, the more exercises you can do with it. Many of them are moves that can be done quickly in high rep counts. That makes them power training moves. But you also want to do strength training. Strength training is done with heavier weights and lower rep counts. So depending upon your gender and size, the size of sandbag is different for both strength and power training moves.

So, young guys and gals, you can get a small to do power training with, and a medium to do strength training with. For you guys that weigh about 150 pounds ( 60 kg ) or more, you can do lots of power training with the small and medium and strength training with the large.

About the only move I can do with an extra large is a modified type of deadlift. I call it a twisting deadlift. I pick it up from one side of my feet and put it down beside the other side's foot. It gives some more movement to a deadlift and more exercise per lift.

workout sandbags fabric

You might also notice that we have large and extra large size sandbags in a fabric called ballistic nylon. As strong as 1000D fabric is, ballistic nylon is thicker and stronger still. It consists of fabric woven twice in each direction instead of once. the photo to the left illustrates the difference between 1000D on the left and ballistic nylon on the right. If you are using the bags indoors, then the 1000D will last you a lifetime. If you want to abuse the bags outdoors, consider the ballistic nylon.Thank you for choosing us. Here are our training sandbags.