Vacation time

workout sandbags for vacations

Summer's here and it is time for vacations, both long and short.  Pictured above  is one of my favorite one-day vacations:   A trip to a nearby lake for a swim with the dog.  Sometimes I do this on workout days and skip the formal workout and make the swim the workout.  I highly advise doing this occasionally.  Here's why:  In order for any exercise program to work, you must keep it up over long periods of time.  And, let's face it, we get tired or bored with the same old routine.  So break it up some.  And summer is the best time to do that.   I suggest even Taking a week or two vacation and stopping your every-other-day workouts.  Just have fun.  Swim in pools or lakes or whatever, hike, surf, climb mountains, and whatever else presents itself.  In other words, use the fitness you have trained for.  You will come back full of energy and go after your workout routine with new effort.  Here's to your health and fitness.   Here are our fitness sandbags.