Third generation Workout Sandbags

August 2018 is the seventh birthday of Workout Sandbags.  We sold our first sandbag in early August 2011 and ahve been supplying quality functional fitness sandbags to you since then.

workout sandbags all 3 sizes

For most of 2018, we have been designed, building, and testing a new product.  It is the third generation of our sandbags.  The first generation was made of 1000D nylon, and the second generation made of ballistic nylon.  This bag is now made of 18 ounce vinyl coated polyester.  This is an extremely durable material.  It is used for bounce houses and truck tarps.  It has a slick surface that allows it to be sprayed with antibacterial spray and wiped down clean and sanitary.  This is great for gyms, boxes, teams, dojos, and other facilities that have multiple users per bag.  This new material will last you a lifetime with proper care.

We keep our much-raved about design.  They are still made out of one piece of fabric to minimize the amount of seams needed to hold it together.  They still have internal handles that allow you to grab the bag directly and get a better feel of the shifting sand.  This gives a better sandbag training workout. 

Instead of four sizes 40 pounds apart, we now use three sizes 50 pounds apart.  Our maximum capacity per bag is now 50, 100, and 150 pounds per small, medium, and large size bags.  These capacities cover about the same range of weights in 3 sizes that were before convered in 4 sizes.  This saves you time and money.  You do not have to put 50, 100, and 150 pounds in each size.  You can put less than that in them.  And, now we offer the option of buying 2 filler bags per size.  This gives you two or three options.  The first option is to put half the weight of sand in 2 bags.  Then you can either use 1 or both filler bags inside the outer bag, for either half or all the weight the outer bag will hold.

The next option is to fill one filler bag full, and the other filler bag halfway.  Then you could switch from one to the other filler bag, depending upon how much weight you want for a given move.

workout sandbags large bag with filler

The third option is to fully fill 2 filler bags with different material.  One can be filled with sand, and the other one can be filled with rubber mulch pellets.  Rubber mulch weighs about half what sand does per volume.  So, you could have one half-weight and one full-weight bag.

Our filler bags are made to hold all the weight of the outer bag in one bag.  Also, the filler bags are the same width and length of the outer bags.  This is important.  It allows the sand load inside the filler bag to take the same size and shape of the outer bag.  So, the ENTIRE LOAD of sand in the filler bag shifts back and forth the entire width and length of the outer bag.  This is very important, as it gives the correct shifting sand effect that makes sandbag training so effective. Our filler bags are now made of even tougher ballistic nylon, which is about twice as thick and tough as any 1000D nylon.

Over these 7 years, we have supplied Workout Sandbags to pro and college sports teams, CrossFit boxes, other gyms, dojos, and individuals worldwide.  We do not advertise or play the name-game.  We strive to be the best.  You are the judge of that.

Whichever size and filler bag options you choose, we are sure you will be very happy with your Workout Sandbags.  We look forward to filling your order.

Here are our Workout Sandbags on our GEAR page.