Sandbag Exercises 4 U

Today I want to remind you of some great sandbag exercises that you need to include in your workouts.  These five exercises are certainly not all you can do with our or anybody's workout sandbags, but these are some top priority exercises.

The one exercise that can render the bench press obsolete is the pushup.  With small fitness sandbags, it can be elevated to the extreme level of difficulty. Even if you are a bodybuilder, you will benefit from the extreme effects of what i call the super pushup.  It involves using a small sandbag and putting in on your back while doing pushups.  The best way I have found to do this is use some sort of floor padding to kneel down on.  Then grab the sandbag by its side handles and lift it over your head.  Place it down your spine between your shoulder blades.  Then do your pushups.  To get the full extreme effect of this exercise, use a pair of basketballs to put your hands on and a pair of 7" tall stools to put your feet on.

This thinking can be taken on to the situp.  By holding the small sandbag with your arms under it and under your chin, it makes situps even more difficult and beneficial.  Use a gym mat to lie on.  Use either an ab mat or a pillow under your lower back to hold the natural curve of your back.  Do situps in reduced reps.

Pullups can be done with a sandbag held between your knees or ankles.  Put a small sandbag on the ground under the pullup bar.  Find a comfortable place to hold the sandbag.  For some of you, it will be held between the knees.  For others, you might prefer to hold it with your feet, between your ankles.  By all means do not expect to do as many reps as you would without any added weight.  Keep this to a low rep exercise.

A great allaround exercise is the smackdown.  It is a sort of twisting snatch.  To do the smackdown, most guys can do it with a medium sandbag.  Ladies would probably use a small sandbag.  Start with the sandbag lying on the floor beside one foot.  Bend over and pick it up by the end handles, and with one motion, snatch it over your head and twist to smack it down onto the floor beside the opposite foot.  It is a great total body exercise with only one exercise. 

The turkish getup is one of the best core exercises there is.  It is also a great leg exercise.  It is probably best done with a small sandbag.  Start with the sandbag on one shoulder.  Lay down on the opposite side.  Lay on down with the sandbag still on your shoulder.  Hold the sandbag on your shoulder with one arm.  Use the other arm to help push yourself up.  Stand up.  Do about 5 reps on one side, switch shoulders, and do the other side.  A great exercise for the legs and core.  This exercise can be combined with pushups and/or pullups for a great total body workout.

This is only a start of the great exercises you can do with Workout Sandbags.  For a complete list of the exercises and workouts you can do with our sandbags, visit this page here.