Our next exercise device

Weighted vests will be our next product

Workout Sandbags owner with chain vest

We have been researching a way to improve the weighted workout vest pictured above.  It consists of 2 lengths of chain, connected with spring clips, and padded with pipe insulation.  It works very well for walks up and down hills, stairs, stadiums, steps, and more.  More includes pushups, pullups, lunges, squats.............It is made of 5/8" hi-test galvanized chain.

I also own a weighted vest i bought online from a longtime vendor of them.  It is a quality product.  I paid over $150 for it.  It weighs 40# and is a great exercise device.  I will not copy it or any other exercise device.  I owned a set of the duffel-bag style workout sandbags for 3 years before introducing our original design of them.  What is the point of being redundant?  Why sell something that many others sell?  Just to sell it under a new name?  Not for us.  We will continue to research and improve on the idea pictured above and the product that i own from another maker.  They make a quality product.  We will make our weighted vest from our original idea and will sell it for around $100.  Maybe $90.  It may fill with sand, maybe not.  We shall see. 

But we will not offer it for sale until it is right.  Until then, see what i am using above and contact me if you have any questions about how to make your own.

Here are our exercise sandbags.