New Workout Sandbags for 2018

Happy New Year 2018 to you!  Workout Sandbags enters its seventh year in business this year.  We wish you all a very happy 2018!

Recently we made some special training sandbags out of some different material.  The material is vinyl, and is thick and smooth.  It allows the bag to be easily cleaned with antibacterial spray.   This is a good idea for teams, gyms, and other commercial uses.

The material comes in many colors.  This opens the possibility of custom orders with your team or gym color.  Here is a

orange workout sandbags

photo of an orange bag with this vinyl material.

This material is extremely thick, tough, and durable.   It will last you a lifetime.  If you have any questions about this material, and feedback on it, please contact us.

We remain the only maker of fitness sandbags that use our original design for them.  All other bags at least I have seen are designed like a duffel bag.

Our design is more like a giant beanbag.  This design forces the sand out onto the ends of the bag, which creates even more instability for a given amount of sand,  And, it is flatter than the duffel-bag design.  The duffel bag was designed to allow people to carry lots of weight easily.   Our bags are designed to make the same amount of weight harder to carry.   That creates more exercise, and more exercise means more results.

To elaborate, the most efficient way to carry an amount of sand is to ball it up into a sphere.  And, the duffel bag is a cylinder, which is a semi-sphere.  Bunching up the load makes it easier to carry.

Planetary astronomy tells us that when an asteroid reaches a critical amount of mass, gravity takes over and re-shapes it into a sphere.   That is why planets are spherical.  Gravity shapes them into the most efficient shape to haul them around.  Asteroids are not yet large enough to take this spherical shape.  But, collide enough of them together, and it will form a sphere to allow for the most efficient gravity.

Enough science.  When we designed our training sandbags in 2010, we had been using the duffel-bag design for 3 years.  We knew it was a good start, but were looking for a way to finish the job.  We also did not like the fact that with the duffel-bag design, you don't hold the bag of sand directly.  You hold it indirectly by external handles.  We decided that internal handles were the way to go to allow the user to get the full feel of the shifting sand.

To this day, many of our customers say that our bags are the best out there.  All I can say with my bias is that I did not set out to design just another bag.   I set out to design and build the best exercise sandbags on the market.

If I did not think Workout Sandbags were the best bags on the market still today, I would not waste my time or yours.

Here are our fitness sandbags.