New 2018 sizes for Workout Sandbags

Pictured above are our new sizes for Workout Sandbags.  For 7 years, we have sold bags in 4 sizes:  small, medium, large, and extra large, holding a maximum 40, 80, 120, and 160 pounds of sand.  Now we introduce our new lineup of training sandbags.  They have only three sizes:  small, medium, and large.  The maximum capacity of each is 50, 100, and 150 pounds of sand, or half that of rubber mulch pellets.

We have made the small, medium, and large larger to hold more sand.  This was done by making them a little wider and longer.  They still hold the sand loosely to deliver the proper shifting sand effect.

The bags maintain the same design with extra-heavy duty rubber hose handles sewn into the bag, allowing you to grab the bag directly, sending the shifting sand effect directly to your prime mover and stabilizer muscles.  We still use ballistic nylon fabric and extra-thick thread for a built-to-last product.

There are a couple of reasons for doing this.  First, this makes it easier for you to buy all 3 sizes of bags and get all 3 types of workouts with them, from power training with the smaller bags to strength training with the larger bags.  Also, three bags take up less space than four bags.  And, you spend less on sandbags and more on vacation at the beach to fill them with.

Currently they are in pre-production testing, and so far the results look great.  When they become available, they will be on the website for sale.  

We look forward to helping you with your strength training gear needs.  Here are our fitness sandbags.