Get those workout sandbags moving!

Using the small workout sandbags for a great workout

workout sandbags being lifted overhead

Today, as I approach my 63rd birthday, I did a great workout with only a small SANDFITUSA workout sandbag.  There are many workouts and exercises that can be done with only one of our workout sandbags.  You can get one of them or all of them and your functional fitness level will greatly benefit.

This is one of my favorite sandbag workouts.   I call it the 5 x 20 workout.  It involves doing 5 different sandbag exercises of 20 reps each.  Today I did 20 reps of turkish getups, x-lifts, pushups, smackdowns, and waist rolls, all with the small sandbag.  Here are our sandbag workouts.

You can do so many variations of this workout it would take years to do them.  So, get moving!  Here are our workout sandbags.