Four Years of Quality Sandbags

Quality exercise sandbags for 4 years

Tuesday, August 11, 2015 was the fourth anniversary of our first sale.  On that day in 2011 a man in Albuquerque bought one of our original exercise sandbags in medium size. Pictured below is a photo of our original sandbags. This first year we earned the business of the Cincinnati Bengals and Dartmouth College athletics.  

exercise sandbags in sand

We have changed the name of our website 3 times since then, and are now on to stay.  In 2012 we started being found and used in CrossFit boxes.  We continue to supply CrossFit boxes with our bags. Next we were on and below is a photo of those bags.

dgkfit workout sandbags

The design has been the same for these four years.  Make them out of one piece of fabric, wrap the fabric around rubber hose handles, and close them with 4" hook and loop.

For a short while, we called our website  Pictured below is an example of those label bags.  It is with this label that we began using ballistic nylon fabric instead of 1000D fabric. 

sandfitusa fitness sandbags

This fabric is thicker and stronger than 1000D for just a little more per yard.  It is worth it to give you the best available fabric for your exercise sandbags.

Finally we cut the crap and simply went to the domain so you could find us easier when you search for "workout sandbags". 

What's the big deal about 4 years?  We go to high school and college for 4 years.  That is the amount of time it takes to learn many things.  In these 4 years we have learned how to both make and market the product you want. Now you can benefit from our experience and enjoy a better sandbag training experience.  This better experience comes from our having used

workout sandbags 2015

what i call the "duffel-bag" design sandbag for 3 years, from 2007 to 2010.  Then from 2010 to 2011 we developed and tested our iimproved design.  From the beginning, it has proven to be a

better way to lift sand.  The built-in handles and hourglass shape has proven to be both a better way to grip the bag and deliver more resistance for a given amount of sand.

We will continue to bring you a better design for your exercise sandbags than those we used many years ago.  Using them caused us to redesign the bags into the design we use today.  Thank you for your business!