Fitness Sandbags without filler bags!

Fitness sandbags without filler bags and more background

Whatever you call them, fitness sandbags are a favorite and extremely effective way of strength and conditioning training. From people at home to pro and college sports teams, they are in use around the world

Here is some background on how we came to design and market the SANDFITUSA training sandbag. Our owner/designer did functional fitness training in the 90's to train for mountaineering. In the early 00's he did dumbbell isolation training, and since ’06 has gone back to functional training.

In about ’07 he bought a set of fitness sandbags. At that time there were two companies that sold them online he was aware of. Since then, there are many sellers of  sandbags. And our observation is that they are all copies of the first company that made them, with only slight handle variations.

He used these sandbags for 3 years. In that time of using them, he came to realize that there needed to be better handles on the bag to grip it with. That is when he decided to put the handles of the sandbag folded into the bag itself, not attached to the outside of the bag.

All the fitness sandbags on the market are designed like a modern duffel bag. A duffel bag is designed to minimize the amount of effort it takes to lift it and its load. We feel that is a mistake when it comes to workout sandbags. Since the purpose is to make it more difficult to lift to exercise the muscles, the bag should be somewhat awkward to lift.

Therefore, the SANDFITUSA sandbag is made more like a flat sack than a duffel bag. There is a reason for this. Years ago while the owner was a college student, he would hire out on a per-day basis through the longshoreman’s union. He and others would climb down into the holds of rusty freighters from third world countries and stack up 140# bags of flour as they came off pallets on the hoist. All day long. These bags of flour were flat and had no handles on them. Some other workers would make hooks to hook into the bags to lift them with. He would just tough it out and grab what he could of the fabric of the bag.

The point of that story is that he found himself grabbing this workout sandbag as if it was those bags of flour. And he thought, there must be some way to make these easier to grab. And there is. We retained the flat shape of the bag and gave them inner handles that allow the body to feel the shifting of the sand much better than if the bag had external handles.

There you have it. That is the story behind SANDFITUSA fitness sandbags.

SANDFITUSA does not use what others call “filler” bags. Filler bags are a separate fabric inner bag that holds the sand. They cannot be made the same size as the outer bag. And that is their flaw. By making filler sandbags that must be used in multiples inside the outer sandbag, the load is broken up into separate compartments. These separate compartments cannot move as a whole with the outer training sandbag.

And, by reading many online reviews, they leak. Also, they increase the cost of your sandbag. By using heavy duty contractor bags, our method of holding the sand in an inner bag takes the shape of the outer bag and moves with the entire package.

After 3 years of selling fitness sandbags, we have never had a customer tell us that they leak.  Thank you for reading and we hope to hear from you soon.  Here are our fitness sandbags.