Fitness Motivation

Fitness motivation

So, why be fit? To stay healthy and happy, we need to play. That’s right, play. And to play we need to be able to. So, the older we get, the more we need to train in limited amounts to keep the ability to play. By play I mean play ball, surf, swim, dive, climb mountains, ski, backpack….. And then there is the need to defend yourself! For motivation, plan and take vacations when and where you can do your favorite sport. That will force you to train to be able to perform at an enjoyable level on your vacation.
Nothing in this life comes without effort! But, the time and effort required for this program is compressed into 10, 15, 20, or 25 minutes. That is doable, don’t you think?If weight loss is your goal, this program will deliver results if and only if it is done in tandem with eating often and correctly. By correctly I mean by reducing your total daily calorie intake, while increasing your daily calorie output in the form of exercise. Find the balance between the two by adjusting the strength and duration of the workout to fit your needs.
This fitness program will deliver superior performance for whatever sport you chose to play from anyball to surfing to mountaineering.
Performance is our goal. On the road to that goal, our bodies will assume the shape and form that heredity intended for them, at their optimum. So, get performing!!!!!!!!!!