Filler Bags for Exercise Sandbags

We now have some filler bags for our exercise sandbags.  These bags have been under development for several months now.  We are now sure of the fact that they deliver the same quality of shifting sand effect as our contractor bags have for three years now.  And we are sure of the fact that they do not leak after months of testing them.

The difference between our filler bags and their filler bags is that ours are designed especially for each size of our sandbags.  So, there is a filler bag for our small outer bag, a filler bag for our medium outer bag, a filler bag for our large outer bag, and a filler bag for our extra large outer bag.  The reason for the exact fit is that these bags are designed to take the entire weight of sand for a given size bag.  

The reason we feel it is important to have the filler bag hold all the sand in one gets back to the whole purpose of sandbag training.  That purpose is to lift an object that shifts and is unstable to lift a given amount of weight.  Lifting an unstable amount of weight is much better exercise than lifting the same amount of weight of a solid object.  So, lifting sand is better for you and your functional fitness than lifting iron.

Our filler bags take the whole amount of sand.  This allows the load of sand to shift as a whole with the outer bag as you lift it.  And this is important.  You do not want your sand load broken up into different compartments.  They will not shift as much as if the sand load were in one inner compartment.

Our filler bags are made of 1000D nylon fabric and sewn with the same very thick thread we sew our outer bags with.  They close at one end withe 4" wide hook and loop and overlaps and forms a double seal.  They will not leak sand.  Even though we do not recommend it, they can be used indoors as a workout sandbag.  In other words, they can be used alone if treated right.  They do not have the exclusive built-in rubber handles that our outer bags have.  But, when properly filled (not overfilled) the sand itself within acts as a handle by grabbing the fabric and some sand between the fabric you grab.  Again, we do not recommend using these bags outdoors or overfilled.  But if you want to, they could be used for limited indoor use.  However, we do not guarantee them for outer bag use.

Our contractor bags have been used for three years by many gyms, college and pro sports teams, and individuals worldwide.  They all tell me they hold up very well.  So, if you want the ultimate in durability for your sandbag training, you now have the option of buying our filler bags for your sandbags.  Below are some photos of our new filler bags. To order, contact us today.

filler bags for fitness sandbags

exercise sandbags filler bags