Extra Large Exercise Sandbags

Extra large exercise sandbags for all exercises

We would like to explain the use of our extra large size exercise sandbags.  They can of course be filled to about 150# of sand and used for strongman type exercises.  Just about all I can do with it is deadlifts and twisting deadlifts.  And they are excellent exercises.  But there are many more ways this monster can be used by almost anyone.  It involves filling it with either less sand or different material.  By filling the bag with only about 120# of sand, it becomes a super-slinky tool that magnifies the shifting sand effect even more to the point of becoming an incredible exercise tool.  At this weight, it becomes useful for doing low-rep clean & jerks.  It can also be used to do lateral throws and other exercises, depending upon your size and strength.  A third way to use it is to fill it with something other than sand.  Rubber mulch pellets can fill the bag so that it weighs about half of what it would weigh with sand.  This makes the extra large exercise sandbags weigh about the same as a medium sized bag filled with sand!  Then there are almost endless possibilities of exercises that can be done with it.  Another idea is to fill the extra large bag with pea gravel.  But i prefer sand as a filling material, and I think the 120# of sand is a better idea.  It can probably be filled with as little as 110#.  That puts it into the range of the large size. See you soon.  Here are our exercise sandbags.

extra large fitness sandbags