Best Workout Sandbags

If you are like me, when you shop online or elsewhere you want to see the best of whatever you are shopping for.  If not the best, then the best for your and your needs.  I fully understand that whatever the product, what is best for one person is not best for another.  For instance,  is a Rolls-Royce best for driving from the USA to Tierra del Fuego?  I think not.  A more practical vehicle would be best.  And the best workout sandbags for one person is not the same as for another person.

When I designed our exercise sandbags, I had used the leading competitor's sandbags for 3 years.  It was my intention to improve upon their design.  There were things in their design that I did not like.  For instance, I did not like the fact that it was shaped like a duffel bag.  This shape compresses the load, in our case, sand, into a lump in its center.  I wanted something that spread out the load to make it somewhat more unstable.  This instability gives more resistance for a given amount of sand.  But the largest issue I had with their sandbag was its handles.  I did not like the external handles.  They made me feel like I was lifting the bag indirectly.  

So I put handles in the inside of my bag, and wrapped the fabric around it, and sewed around them, making a built-in handle that allows the user to grab the bag itself, not a handle attached indirectly to the bag.  Many of my customers send complements about this design.

If you are looking for me to say I think my fitness sandbags are the best on the market, you will not find that statement.  In fact, you will not find that claim anywhere on my website.  This is on purpose.  Workout Sandbags is my baby, and I am of course prejudiced as to the quality of our product.  And that bias excludes me from being a judge as to whether or not my product is the best of its type.  THAT JUDGMENT IS UP TO YOU.

I will say this much:  I designed our sandbags to be the best.  I did not design them to be just another, redundant brand of exercise sandbags.  I would not sell my products unless I thought they were the best on the market.  Why bother with another copycat version of the same old fitness sandbags?  

Whether or not you agree that Workout Sandbags is the best sandbag for training on the market, I thank you for visiting our site and reading this post.  I thank you for considering our product for your use, whether it is in your home or training facility.  We have a page of free advice for your home or professional fitness programs. It can be seen by clicking the "Sandbag Workouts" menu button at the top of every page.  

We wish you the best of functional fitness and health.  Here are our exercise sandbags.