Bag Filling Update

There is a way to close your Workout Sandbags securely and leakproof but be able to sometimes open them and change the amount of sand in them. Do not read this as a suggestion that you use your bags as quick-change bags. I do not think fitness sandbags should be used that way. Just get 2 or 3 sizes and vary the reps you do to vary the resistance. Life is short, and so should your workout be short. We don't have time to mess with changing inner bags of sand. These steps pictured and described below are to be done after the proper amount of sand is put in the contractor bags AND the excess air is pushed out of the bags. I still think that folding it flat and duct-taping it shut is the best way to go, but this is a way to try out your first load of sand and see if you want more or less sand in the bags.  Again, keep the bags loose to maximize the shifting sand effect. There is some leeway in how loose you can fill them.

filling fitness sandbags

Then you can twist up the contractor bags into a sort of "pony tail" after you fill it with the proper amount of sand. Push out the air and twist the bag up until it makes the pony tail all the way to the end of the extra inner bag. See the photo to left.

filling exercise sandbags

Then you fold the twisted part of the pony tail down some onto itself. See photo to right.

workout sandbags being filled

Fold the twisted up pony tail down another time.

filling training sandbags

Fold the twisted pony tail up one last time to where it contacts the inner bags with the sand in them. Be sure you have squeezed out the excess air.

fitness sandbags being filled

Put the large rubber band that came with your bag around the folded down pony tail once.

gym sandbags being filled

Double up the rubber band to be tight around the folded up part of the pony tail of the inner bags.

Close up the hook and loop and you are ready to go! Here is a great page of sandbag workouts and exercises.