About Our Website

Now is the time to discuss the medium through which we meet.  This website and its photos and blog are how you see us and our products and decide whether or not they are what you want for your functional fitness training.

I will try not to be cynical in this post, but it will probably come out anyway.  The point of it is to say, "You pay for anything and everything you see on a website."

Lately I have been advised that in order to sell more sandbags, I need to spend a few grand on improving the look of the website.   I have also been advised to get more professional looking photos of the products for the website.  I can certainly agree with the need for better product photos.  And they are on the way.

But the notion of a sexier, cooler design for the website is what I want to talk about now.  You pay for it.  That's right.  Any and all expenses that go into marketing any product, including the website, are passed on to the customer.  It's that simple.  That includes any "free" offers on the website, including shipping.

To further make my point, please allow me to say that almost all of the price you pay for our workout sandbags go to the cost of the materials and labor to make them.  Very little of the cost of your sandbags goes to the cost of maintaining this website.

When you buy any product from either a bricks and mortar store or a website, you pay for its overhead.  Ask yourself if you are more impressed with the store or the website or the product?

As said on our About Us page, we do most of our website maintenance and photography.  This is not because we think we are experts at it.  It is because we want almost all of your price to go into the product that you buy.  This is why we can make our product out of thicker, stronger, and more expensive ballistic nylon rather than 1000D nylon like the other guys.  This is why we sew our bags on machines that allow much thicker, stronger thread to be used.  This stronger thread allows us to guarantee the stitching on our sandbags for 3 years.  

I have no doubt that in the future we will improve the look and feel of our website.  And of course, as spring turns into summer, the photos on our website will continue to improve.  But we will not hire expensive contractors that force us to raise the price of your sandbags.  Thank you for your time.  Here are our gym sandbags.