About Filler Bags

It is time for our annual talk about filler bags.  I do not know of any other maker of training sandbags that does not sell filler bags made of at least 1000D nylon to hold the sand inside their sandbags.  This has created a mindset with you, the customer, that expects filler bags.  My short answer to this is that you pay extra for them, whether they are included in the purchase price of the outer bag or sold separately. But, after many of you have asked for them, we now sell filler bags for our Workout Sandbags.  We don't just copy the other guys.  We design our products like we think is best.  And we think it is best that the filler bag hold ALL of the sand.  Not broken up into separate compartments.  So all of our filler bags are large enough to hold the entire maximum sand capacity of the outer bag.  

At the risk of contradicting myself here, I also will say that we give you the option of either putting all of the sand in one filler bag or dividing it up into more than one.  And of course you can just take our free contractor bags and go with them, like happy customers have done for 5 years.  These happy customers using the contractor bags include pro and college sports teams, gyms, boxes, and individuals like you. You have a choice with us!

workout sandbags filler bags

As I say over and over again, especially on our "About" page, I do not feel that a sandbag should be used like an adjustable dumbbell or barbell.  It is simply a different dimension of training.  For almost the price of filler bag(s), you can have a second outer sandbag.  Then you can just put down one size outer bag, and pick up the other size, and do different exercises, or do the same exercise with different rep counts.

We spend almost all of your purchase price on the outer bag.  This is what stands up to the outside world, taking the wear and tear of whatever you throw it down on.  And, for that reason, we no longer make Workout Sandbags with the 1000D fabric that most of the other guys make them with.  It does not matter if it is Mil-Spec, or where the fabric is made.  1000D fabric is 1000D fabric.   Ballistic nylon fabric is double-woven and thicker, for much better strength and abrasion resistance.  

With that said, we choose to make the outer bag as strong as possible, using extra-thick

thread to sew them with.  We hold the sand inside this extra-tough

workout sandbags contractor bags

outer bag with leakproof inner bags made of plastic.  Yes, they are 3 mil thick

contractor bags.  Small and medium bags use a pair of them doubled up together, and large and extra large bags use three of them tripled up together.  

After 5 years of selling our exercise sandbags like this, we have never had a complaint about them either tearing or leaking.  One pro football team and several college teams and professional gyms and boxes have used them for years without any problems.

Thank you for your 5 years of business.