About our fitness sandbags

fitness sandbags owner with dog

Workout Sandbags is owned and operated by Dale Kirksey since 2011.  That's me.  I started doing functional fitness training in the 90's by climbing stadium stands.

After a few years of weightlifting with barbells and dumbbells, I tried a set of sandbags in 2007.  In 2010 I sold them and redesigned them to be more like a giant beanbag than a duffel bag.  My wife sewed the first prototypes, and we found a contractor to make the first batch. The first sale came in August 2011.  His review is on the bottom of this page.

I did not like the external handles and how they lifted the bag indirectly. workout sandbags being sewnWe wanted a direct feel of the shifting sand.  So we made the bag out of one piece of fabric, folded around rubber hose internal handles. These internal handles allow for you to directly lift the bag and deliver a direct feel of the shifting sand. We loaned some to the local CrossFit, and they recommended us to other boxes, who became customers. 

Before 2011 was out, the Cincinnati Bengals bought some, as did Dartmouth College's athletic department, and other colleges and gyms followed.

From summer 2011 until spring 2013 our web address was DGKFIT.com.  Since then our web address has been WorkoutSandbags.com.

We are proud to offer an improved version of the duffel-bag style exercise sandbags.  Our version has been reviewed as being more suited to sandbag training than the standard design that all the other guys use.  We welcome you to read their reviews on their own page.fitness sandbags held

We keep our overhead low so your purchase price is spent almost entirely on your sandbags.  This is done by doing our own website design, photography, and sewing.  This gives you the best value for your money. Both our filler and outer bags are made in USA from ballistic nylon.

All Workout Sandbags products are of an original design.  They are designed to be ergonomic and effective, not to meet any price point. Still, sandbag training is much more effective and much more affordable than traditional weight training.

ballistic nylon workout sandbagsBallistic nylon is about twice as tough as 1000D nylon, which the other guys use.  This is because the fabric is woven with 2 strands in each direction.  It will stand up to years of abuse. See photo to left for comparison of 1000D fabric on left with ballistic nylon on right. The thread that Workout Sandbags are sewn with is about twice as thick as other sandbags' thread.

You have the option of holding the sand leakproof in contractor bags that are doubled and tripled up.  These bags allow the sand to move as a whole with the outer bag, instead of chopping it up into compartments.  And that makes for better sandbag training.  Also, it makes our bags affordable enough to buy multiple bags for different moves. For those of you who want filler bags, we now offer them as an option.  One filler bag holds all of the sand the outer bag is rated to carry.  This is intentional to allow the whole load of sand in the filler bag to shift as a whole unit with the outer bag.

You will be treated with honesty, courtesy, and competence, just like we expect when we buy online.

We thank you for your business and invite you to contact us with any questions.  Thank you!training sandbags in park