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  You have found the right training bags for serious functional fitness. We designed them from scratch in 2010 after using the "duffel-bag" style bag for 3 years.  Their internal handles give a much better grip and feel of the shifting sand. Their beanbag-like shape delivers more offbalance resistance than the "duffel-bag" design. Our training sandbags are made from ballistic nylon, which is about twice as thick and tough as any 1000D fabric. They are sewn with super-thick thread to last a lifetime. Our original design allows you to experience the optimum shifting sand effect. Their hourglass shape delivers a superior workout to your stabilizer and prime mover muscles. See why our customers call these the best exercise sandbags out there.

Our clients include Cincinnati Bengals, CrossFit, D1 Sports Training, Anytime Fitness,Snap Fitness, many other gyms, US Naval Academy athletics, many other college athletic departments, and individuals worldwide.  Get yours now!

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You have found your exercise sandbags! You will love them, we guarantee it. Our bags are of an original design for ergonomic handling. They are the only ones for sale with handles sewn into the bag itself to give both a better grip and allow it to be easier to handle and shift. The ability to grab the bag directly allows your stabilizer muscles to feel the shifting sand much better. Our original design innovation gives you the best sandbag training experience!  Whether you train for sports performance, MMA, CrossFit, Tough Mudder, Ninja Warrior, outdoor adventure, or whatever, you will love them! Our customers' reviews confirm the quality of our training sandbags.  Shop our filler bags here

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 "These are hands-down the best, by far."